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FULL CONTENTS of Spring 2021 Journal:

04 Moving Forwards: Chair Message

05 From the Editors

06 A Message from the Social Media Officer

07 Election of BACPAR Officers 2021

08 Letters to the Editor

10 Reflection on BACPAR Virtual conference November 2020

11 Reflections on a Story of resilience Recounted by Mr Neil hopper at BACPAR Conference 2020

14 BACPAR Research Officers’ report- March 2021

16 James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for Vascular Amputation

17 What are the Variables used to assess the Effects of the Empower Ankle and What are the Outcomes? A Reflection on a Literature Review

20 Guidelines Update

20 Congratulations to Billy Monger

21 BACPAR Article Corner

22 A Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Approach to Understanding the Priorities of People who Use Lower Limb Prosthetics: The People Powered Prosthetics Voices Project

24 Tayside and Fife Amputee Outreach Service

26 Case Study: Beneficial Effects of Psychological Support for An Amputee

27 Profile Page: An International Member

28 Pinboard

29 Steel Bones

32 Poster: Factors Affecting Mental Health following Upper Limb Amputation: A Literature Review

33 Poster: What Management Approaches do Physiotherapists Select When Assisting Patients to Manage Phantom Limb Pain?

34 Poster: An audit of Outcome for Major Lower Limb Amputations

35 In the Fitting Room

38 Happy Birthday DSC’s!

40 A Day in the Life: At the Specialized Ability Centre Manchester

42 BACPAR Executive Officers Sept 2021