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Secretary’s Report – Autumn 2011 
Reflecting on 36 very happy years as a Physiotherapist! 
Amputee Rehabilitation in the Military 
Our friendship group for children with limb loss 
Carbon Stride 
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Residual Limb Pain 
Standing on top of a continent – The climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro 
Hosting a BACPAR study day: The Gymnastic Ball (16/07/2011) 
Up the creek without a leg? 
Ben Parkinson is a hero 
A Systematic Review of Core Stability Training for the Treatment of Lower Back Pain 
BACPAR Conference 2011 Programme 
BACPAR Conference 2011 Delegate Registration Form 
Next step in prosthetics as first POWER KNEE is fitted in UK 
The BACPAR WORK PLAN 2011 includes: 
Regional Reports Spring 2011 
Northern Ireland 
BACPAR Honory Officers 2010/11